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Lunch. Millvale, PA

23 Sep


There are a LOT of directions a lunch trip to this plaza could go…from “just picking up some laundry detergent” alllll the way to “when do I get my one phonecall?”


Mike’s New Moon Saloon. West Deer, PA

1 Feb

I laugh out loud every time I drive by this sign, thinking of the band meeting where the name was decided. I think that you should check out Xtremely Loaded if you are around my house on February 4th.

Friday Road. Millvale, PA

1 Feb

BEER…with legs

The One With the Apostrophe and the Nightcrawlers

27 Jan

April 26, 2010 at 9:20 am

Every time I drove past the house with the “Bill and Jens” sign out front, I always fancied a nice gay Scandinavian couple lived there. Then, Friday, I met Bill while buying nightcrawlers, and realized that Jens was just missing an apostrophe.

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