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Spooky Halloween Soup!

30 Oct

Leaves are falling, the sweet smell of burning wood is making its way up chimneys and wafting throughout the neighborhood, the kids are all hopped up on sugar from the 17 parties they have attended while dressed up as giant hot dogs: yup, must be Halloween time.

Along with Halloween comes the beginning of soup season. Soup season is a frame of time that runs concurrently between the months of October and March. Not that soup can’t be enjoyed outside of soup season, but it seriously helps.

Why not make some chicken noodle soup and add a special little touch for Halloween: spooky cutout dumplings.

Start with a basic broth. I boiled a few chicken breasts in a pot with bouillon, carrots and onions. Next add some noodles. Barilla makes these cool little noodles like the kind you find in those little Mrs. Grass chicken soup boxes.

Next make the dumplings. I put 6 eggs, 3 cups of flour, salt, and some Italian seasoning into a food processor and mixed using the dough hook. Add flour until you get a piece of dough you can easily roll out. You don’t need a food processor for this step, but it definitely helps.

After you make the dumpling dough, roll it out onto a floured surface (to about 1/4 inch thickness).

Next, you’ll need some miniature cookie cutters. These cutters are also used to cut decorative pieces for pie crusts. I used ghosts for this particular soup. If you don’t have cutters, you can cut a few out by hand, but it’s not going to be easy.

After you cut a bunch of ghouls out, put them into the boiling soup.

We also put the “extra” dumplings parts into the soup (the large “holey” pieces left over from cutting out the little dumpling shapes) and pull them out to eat separately. My kids especially love to eat these pieces (see below).

Let the dumplings boil for about 2 minutes; they’ll be done when they float to the top of the soup.

The kids really enjoyed helping to make the little ghost cutouts and they loved to eat the finished soup. This “spooky” soup would be a nice dish to serve at a little Halloween get together for friends and family or a meal for the kids before trick-or-treating.

Enjoy your spooky Halloween soup!


26 Feb

Most of us have dreamed about winning the lottery…tonight I have created a list of things I will buy for myself when that day comes. (in no specific order)

  • Buffalo. About 50. To be purposed for my buffalo ranch (open to the public!). People love buffalo: they’re super-prehistoric looking, furry, cute, and delicious.
  • An Addams Family pinball machine. If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand.
  • A Super Chexx bubble hockey game. (ibid)
  • A laundress. Is there a male or gender-neutral equivalent of this word? Launderer, I guess. Whatever. I just want someone to take care of anything and everything related to laundering. Forget a cook, I like doing that.
  • A few pair of Frye boots. If I just had to pick one: The Carson Riding Boot.
  • One of these things:

  • An addition to my house with the following:
  1. A screening room. I envision film festival themes, like: Matt Dillon Monday (Over the Edge, Drugstore Cowboy, The Outsiders). Or Fraggle Rock: The complete collection, etc.
  2. A room just for my bench from the Civic Arena, maybe with some of that fake ice in it. Who’s laughing now?
  3. A library with: a fireplace, white furniture, a few library ladders straight off of a Nancy Drew cover, a Keurig coffee maker, many Charley Harper prints on the wall, and a sweet wet bar.
  4. A fireplace with a built-in pizza/bread oven
  • A zip-line running from my house down to the creek (~250 yards)
  • A brass firehouse pole so I can slide down into my basement family room from my living room .

Honorable mentions

  • A bakery-sized commercial Cuisinart mixer and dough roller.
  • Season tickets to the Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • A pied-à-terre in Bloomfield/Friendship.
  • An elevated “woods village.” A series of treehouses and hanging bridges that you could walk in between.

Yep, I think that’ll do it.

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